Wildhorse Homeowners:

Architectural or Landscaping Modifications Require ARC Prior Approval



Memo: Roads & Weeds

The Wildhorse HOA Board of Directors would like to remind everyone the parks belong to all of us and we have the right and responsibility to report to the Sheriff’s office any trespassers or vandalism. Recently there have observations of:

People who do not live in our neighborhood bringing their dogs to run free in the parks and do not pick up after them.
There have been incidents of graffiti on the park benches all summer. It costs all of us to have the graffiti removed, as well as the obvious eye-sore.
Non-resident moms are bringing their children to use our playgrounds, this is trespassing, and there is no insurance to cover public use.

Please be a responsible homeowner and call the sheriff when you see any activities like those listed above. You do not need to confront the potential violators, as this could affect your own safety. The Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 782-5126, or 911 for emergencies.
Please inform the Board of these incidents; however, only the eye witness should make reports to the Sheriff, not a third party.

Thank you,
Wildhorse HOA Board of Directors