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June 2018

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Wastewater Treatment  & Water Systems

Assessment Report April 2012

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Spring Clean-up Flyer-04/21/18

ATV Restriction Policy


Representative Communication Concerning USDA Funding:

Letter from Doug Stimpson

E-mail – Representative Contact list

Example Representative Letter (word doc)

Example Representative Letter (pdf. file)

Message from Doug Stimpson

Amerigas  Billing.

I reviewed my bill and the rate for Propane was $2,29 per gallon.

To calculate the rate per gallon on the monthly billing do the following:

1. Divide the corrected 100 cu ft by .3565.

2. That gives you the number of gallons used. Divide that into your current charge to get your cost per gallon.


Lease Litigation:

Judge’s email 1/25/17

November 2016:

Property Lease Settlement Hearing Information:

The next mediation is on Friday 12/2/2016  at 9:30am at the Federal Courthouse in Reno

Federal Building 300 Booth Street, Reno


August 2016:
The Property Lease Settlement Hearing Information:
September 20th, PM, September 21, all day, September 22, AM
Being held at Federal Building 300 Booth Street, Reno.

July 2016:

On July 20th, 2016 Doug Stimpson spoke with the Association’s Attorney regarding a rumor that was posted on the neighborhood blog on July 19, 2016-(noted below). The Attorney said he has no knowledge of any payments being agreed upon relative to the lots. At this point we believe it to be purely rumor.

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March 2016

RCI Study Part 1

RCI Study Part 2

October 28, 2015

EPA Hearing Documents (slides)

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EPA Hearing Documents (brief)

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 Lease Legal Information

 Document History


EPA Hearing Letter July 2015

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Power Point Presentation from March 19, 2015

 Meetng…. Click Here

(This includes the phone # for Old Republic Titile 612-371-1111)


IMPORTANT Information on filing an EXTENSION

“If you need an extension of time for the insurance company to complete its investigation and answer to the lawsuit on your behalf, call Mr. Kizer’s attorney, Jeremy Harrell, at (612) 766-7546. Then, mail Mr. Harrell a letter confirming the extension at Faegre Baker Daniels, c/o Jeremy Harrell, 2200 Wells Fargo Center, 90 South Seventh St., Minneapolis, MN 55402-3901. Keep a copy of this letter in your records.”


January 2015

Title Issue Letter sent to Homeowners on

January 8, 2015

Title Issue Letter (Kizer Lawyer letter) sent to  to Homeowners in Dec 2014



June 2014 

NOTE from the BOARD

concerning Septic Tanks 

The Board would like all residents to continue pumping their septic tanks as needed and do not to close down their septic tanks until we resolve the waste system problem as the Engineering report from Tetra Tech stated the system was not designed to handle solid wastes.

Letter Writing Help

Gino Perri, one of your neighbors in Pine View has offered his time and expertise to help you write letters to the State and Federal Representatives Please contact Gino with questions.

Thank You Gino

 Personal letters work best when communicating with our elected officials. Homeowners who may have questions or simply want advice or tips on writing an effective letter to their Senator or Congressman can reach me in the following ways:

 1. By phone at 775-392-4222 (until July 22) or cell phone at 313-909-1608

2. By email at

3. By stopping at our home: 106 Mark Street


April 2014

The folowing are the addresses of the legislators every member of the HOA should be writing to.

Senator Harry Reid

400 S. Virginia Street,  Ste 902

Reno, NV 89501

Senator Dean Heller

400 S. Virginia Street, Ste 738

Reno, NV 89501

Congressman Mark Amodei

5310 Kietzke, Ste 103

Reno, NV 89501

There are three major talking points that should be addressed.

1. The EPA has filed a Letter of Compliance with PTP, Mark Kiser and the PVEHOA. Why was the BIA not included since they were responsible for approving the design and installation of a system that has not functioned properly since day 1. The BIA has also led the EPA to believe they are attempting to resolve this issue with the HOA when in fact they have just continued to procrastinate and done nothing.

2. The Master Lease that the BIA drew up clearly spells out the option for the PVE homeowners to purchase their property for $1000. This does not meet federal statue calls for the purchase to be made at “fair market value”.

3. the Master Lease also calls out for the lease period to be 50 years with a 49 year extension. This does not meet federal statue which calls out for a maximum of 25 years with a 25 year extension. This has created a problem for any homeowner desiring to sell their home or refinance as financing is not available due to the shortened lease period.

UPDATED 11-18-14

There are some Banks and  Mortgage Cpmpanies in Northern Nevada, that are currently loaning for purchases in Pine View Estates. Contact a local Realtor for information.



September 9. 2013

Message from Doug Stimpson

Pine View Estates has filed a loan/grant application with the USDA-Rural Development utilities programs for the purpose of financing replacement of the existing waste treatment facility and to provide for the future waste water demands of Pine View Estates.

The total cost of the project is approximately $1,6000,000 and the projected loan amount is approximatley $800,000. This matter is scheduled for public discussion and comments at the Pine View Estates informational meeting being held on September 28th at 11:00 am at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Gardnerville

Questions concerning the project can be directed to Douglas Stimpson, President , PVE Board at


August 8, 2013 

Message from Doug Stimpson

BiState propane continues to struggle with our billings as the new computer billing program installed in May by Amerigas is causing them headaches. I spoke with them and they will be sending out adjustments and credit memos.

I reviewed my bill and the rate for Propane was $2,29 per gallon.

To calculate the rate per gallon on the monthly billing do the following:

1. Divide the corrected 100 cu ft by .3565.

2. That gives you the number of gallons used. Divide that into your current charge to get your cost per gallon.


June 26, 2013

Update from asphalt engineer.

We have received the recommendations from the asphalt engineering firm regarding the necessary repairs and treatment to the roads within the subdivision. The recommendations were made based upon continuing cost effective maintenance that will keep the roads in good shape at reasonable cost.

We are putting together a bid package for submittal to three companies for quotations. We will keep everyone posted as to the time frames for work to be done as it will require some streets being closed for short periods of time.

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